About Texas Hold’em

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When you are playing Texas Hold’em you usually play against with some other people. You might have seen it on TV some time. The game starts with that the persons sitting to the left of the dealer, the so called small and big blind persons) starts with put out blind bets.

The small blind usually starts by putting out 1 mark, followed by the big blind puts out 2 marks. If the player sitting left of the big blind player wants to join, then he or she has to put 2 marks as well. The other player has to do the same if they want to join the game. You have the opportunity to choose if you want to fold. When you fold, you take your cards, and give them back to the dealer. Or you can choose to raise. When you raise you have to raise over the big blinds bid and the if the person next to you wants to play in the game, he or she has to put the same amount as you did.

Every player is dealt 2 cards from the dealer as the player will look at. After this is done and the bet from the people who wants to join are in the middle of the table, the game begins for real. The dealer gives the so called flop. These cards are also known as the community cards. These cards will be put in the middle of the table and the players that joined the game will now use those cards to combine them with the cards the players has in their hands.

The player next to the dealer has now the opportunity to either check, fold or raise. The games goes around to all the players who decided if they wanted to play and gives them all the same chance to fold, check or raise. After this is made, the dealer puts a fourth card on the table as will be visible for the players. This move is called turn.

The same thing will repeat again and the players can do what they feel they want to do with their cards. This is though a bigger chance for you to get a good hand, but it is the equal chance for your opponents.

The last card that the dealer will put on the table is the so called river. This is the final chance for you to find combinations with the cards on your hand together with the cards on the table. This will also be your last chance to raise, fold or check. Here you have the opportunity to trick the players you are playing against and use your poker-face. You are here to win , aren´t you.

The game Texas Hold’em is the one game which most players chose to play. This is also the game that you will play in WSOP (World Series of Poker). You might have seen the tournaments that they arrange for millions of players every year and where the one player that wins, takes home $ millions.If you haven’t played Texas Hold’em before, you can easily go to some pokerschool that the online poker have for you, to learn how to play, before you start a real tournament.

In the pokerschools you will learn all the rules that you need to learn in a poker game, and what you need to have on hand to win money, what will beat what and much more. These pokerschools are of course for free, so you don’t have to pay anything to join. If you want to play in a real tornament but don’t spend any money, you can sign up for the free roll tournaments, where you don’t have to make a bet, but if you win, you will win real money.