Blackjack Guide

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A classic game that we are sure that you have heard of or maybe even been playing is Blackjack. In order to win you need 21 points or to come as close as possible to 21.

You are playing against the dealer in this game. The dealer starts by giving you one card, and give himself a card, gives you one again, and himself again, but this time you cannot see the number of the dealer’s card as you can do with the first card. Once you get your 2 cards you can either:

Hold – You think that your cards are better than the dealers and decide not to take another card.

Take a card – You might think that the dealer has more points than you do and therefore decides to take another card which will be added to the points that you already have from the two other cards.

Split – This function is when you get 2 cards of the same value, for example, two 7´s or two kings. When you get these cards, your pile with the two cards you had from the beginning with being split up into two piles. From here you will get new cards on the piles and decide whether you want to hold or take another card to that pile.

Insurance – When the dealer gives himself an Ace, you will have the option to buy yourself insurance. This is very common to do. If the dealer will get a king, Queen, Knight or a Ten on his last card, you will only lose half of your money as you were betting instead of losing all if you wouldn´t have bought insurance.

Double – When you double your bet, then you will only be getting one more card. If you for example get a four and a six and you double and hope that the next card is a ten so you get twenty, then you will get double the money as you were betting from the beginning. If you on the other hand do the same bet but only get a two and land on twelve points, you will not be able to ask for another card. The dealer has a bigger chance to win over you when you double your game.

Blackjack – The term Blackjack comes when you get either Ten, Knight, Queen or King together with an Ace. The Ace in this game is either eleven or one.