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Static Website To WordPress / HTML To WordPress

So, all these years, you have a static website which you cannot update on your own and have to keep on calling your agency to fix the small things for you? So, how about moving to WordPress?


There are 5 simple reasons that you should just pressify your website today

    Because at the end its wordpress

    WordPress is the most widely used Content Management / Blogging System used on earth. While pressifying your website, we use WordPress which is the most sophisticated tool to develop a CMS Based Website. WordPress is used by about 74,652,825 sites. Also, about 23.1 % websites on earth are built using WordPress.

    Because being static is too dated

    Updating a static website is like creating a new plate everytime you need to change a text on the brochure. Static Websites are nothing but a virtual brochure, which cannot be changed without the help of a web developer.

    Because its SEO Friendly

    WordPress websites are considered as the most SEO Friendly due to the semantic structure that it generates. And with easily available ready to use SEO Plugins, SEO is just as simple as possible.

    Because client and developer are not married for lifetime

    How bad it feels if client has to keep on calling the developer for small changes in their static website. Client and developers are not married for lifetime to get these small changes done every now and then. By pressifying the website, both the client and developer can enjoy the relationship. If you are a client and want to get rid of your developer, pressify your website today. Vice versa , if you are a developer and want your client to manage the things, pressify.

    Because its not just a website

    Pressifying your website comes with lots of advantages. Your newly pressified site is not just a website. With the support of wordpress, you can set up a blog, a web store , a membership website and much more.

    We can help you in migrating your old content into wordpress . You can keep your existing design for the new WordPress theme or can even avail our WordPress designing services to get a fresh look.